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Paul J. Martin

  Paul J. Martin
Senior Environmental Specialist
World Bank, Dhaka Office

I wish every success in promoting good environmental management in Bangladesh. The adoption of environmental management systems is the best way for industry to prevent and control pollution at the lowest possible cost, which is essential for environmentally sustainable economic growth. I congratulate the members of BEMF for recognizing the urgent need to spread this message and for helping build the technical capacity to make it a reality.

Prof. Janne Hukkinen

Janne Hukkinen
Professor of environmental management
Helsinki University of Technology
Laboratory of Environmental Protection

October 2001


Greetings from Finland to the Bangladesh Environmental Management Force. I was impressed by the first issue of the BEMF Newsletter. To me, it strikes at the core issues of environmental management planning and implementation in industrializing countries. Experience from other countries in the world shows that it is precisely organizations such as BEMF
that can foster the
emergence of
environmental management at the grassroots company level. The Laboratory of Environmental Protection at the Helsinki University of Technology (HUT) has its core competences in the fields of environmental strategies and the assessment of social and environmental implications of technology. Unlike traditional environmental protectionists, we try to avoid seeing things as either pristine nature or dirty technology. Metaphorically speaking, our challenge is much like that of a gardener: To understand and plan human environmental interactions. Our goal is to educate experts in industrial ecology and ecological communities, who have a profound understanding of the social implications of technology. Research at the Laboratory can be characterized as social study of technological systems that are particularly relevant for the environment. The HUT program in Environmental Strategies and Technology Assessment was launched in 1999 both at the MS and PhD level. What has been a pleasure to observe is the increasing number of international students, also from rapidly industrializing countries. Environmental management as a field of study can best be advanced through profound understanding of specific cases around the world. This is why international students are such a valuable asset to educational programs in the field. I congratulate BEMF for its achievements so far and wish the best of luck in its future endeavors.

Mizanur Rahaman

  Muhammad Mizanur Rahaman

Bangladesh Environmental Management Force (BEMF) is established to create awareness about environmental pollution among our country people as well as the whole world. We are working together for a new world where people can lead their life in a pollution free world. We welcome any person who are aware about environmental pollution and want to fight against environmental pollution to be a member of BEMF.
Bemf is working to protect environmental pollution and ensure a pollution free world for future generation. We are looking forward for your support.


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