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Top International Environment Sites
Greenpeace International (New Window)
An independent campaigning organization which uses non-violent, creative confrontation to expose global environmental problems, and to force the solutions which are essential to a green and peaceful future.
World Wide Fund For Nature (New Window)
The world's largest and most experienced independent conservation organization, with around 5 million supporters and a global network of 27 national organizations, 5 associates, and 21 program offices.
Climate Ark (New Window)
Performs full text searches of educational and activist Web sites. Also includes an archive of "popular media and environmental group information" on climate change and other environmental topics.
The Nature Conservancy (New Window)
"Saving the Last Great Places."
Earth's 911 (New Window)
A public and private sector partnership to empower the public with community-specific resources to improve quality of life.
EarthVision (New Window)
Provides daily environmental news, industry links, job listings and more.
Earthwatch (New Window)
A non-profit environmental and wildlife organization.
CNN: Nature (New Window)
CNN's nature and environment news section.
Global Warming: Focus on the Future (New Window)
This Website encourages visitors to learn more about the history of global warming and empowers them to help solve the problem.
Planet first 2000 (New Window)
Aim is to provide helpful information and resources to individuals so they may easily and positively take actions in their own way in their own homes, local community or broader communities to assist the environment.
OneWorld (New Window)
Promotes human rights and sustainable development. Site includes news, current projects, features and more.
Alternative Fuels Data Center (New Window)
This Office of Transportation Technologies site has information on the latest advances in alternative fuels, vehicles, refueling sites, and more.
United Nations: Commission on Sustainable Development (New Window)
The CSD ensures the high visibility of sustainable development issues within the UN system and helps to improve the UN's coordination of environment and development activities. (New Window)
The place to turn for recycling and composting expertise.
The World's Shortest Comprehensive Recycling Guide (New Window)
Great list of basic recycling tips and categories.
EcoWorld (New Window)
EcoWorld provides internet users comprehensive information on the state of planetary ecosystems and projects underway, everywhere, to preserve and restore species and ecosystems.
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