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Bangladesh Environmental Management Force

Bangladesh Environmental Management Force (BEMF) is a non profitable organization working together to mitigate the Environmental pollution of Bangladesh as well as the whole world. All the founder members of BEMF are specialized on "Environmental Management System" (EMS) related to ISO 14001:1996, through a one year training programme organized by The World Bank, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

BEMF is a new group working hard to create awareness & promote Environmental Management System for the first time in Bangladesh. We have a strong team with a group of Geographers, Environmentalists, Engineers, Doctors, Businessman, Lawers etc. We hope if we work together for a pollution free world we must able to reach our target.

In Bangladesh Environmental organizations' & NGO's are acting as an important part for building awareness and concerning people about environment. Most of them are talking about the "GREEN" problem but BEMF is one of the few organization in Bangladesh who is taking steps to create awareness and take initiatives to work on "BROWN" issues. To fulfill our goal we already published the first issue of "BEMF Newsletter", which is also a commitment of BEMF to the country people to make them aware about environmental pollution. We also launched our own Website to help people to know about the major Environmental issues of Bangladesh, about the steps we have taken to mitigate these issues as well as our Government, Other Environmental Organizations' & NGOs'. we also have the intension to join the revolution to save the Earth and make a pollution free world. BEMF will take a long term initiative to implement "Environmental Management System" in all the Industries of Bangladesh through our own resources to reduce the industrial pollution.

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